Best possible service and solution

A problem never comes alone, neither does the solution. Call us and we never give ‘no’ as an answer, so you never have to say ‘no’ to your customers as well. No empty shelves in stores or empty production lines in the factory, that is our challenge. We do as we promise, that is why we always give you a ‘best solution guarantee’

We love what we are doing

And that you will notice in our service. Old hands and young geniuses with a huge passion for fresh produce. We use all our experiences and knowledge of today to find a solution for the problems of tomorrow.


Transport & logistics, we know the way

Just as important as the availability of our produce, is to get a just in time delivery. Our great network of transport companies, airlines and shipping companies, guarantees the best logistic solution in order to deliver your produce asap.


Foodsafety, regulations and legislation

Every country has their own rules and laws. Customers have their own product-specifications, demands and wishes Sometimes it’s a ‘jungle’ in which we know the way. We know all the ins and outs about fresh produce, worldwide. Food Safety & Traceability is, without exception, another key point which is part of our policy and philosophy.


Innovation, Inspiration, sharing knowledge & Information

Together with a seed breeder of repute, which is one of the market leaders in their field with various products, we are finding solutions for the market and are constantly in discussion in order to find answers to solve the problems with current products and add value to the existing assortment. It is an ongoing process, where we are busy finding new concepts to add value to the assortment of our customers. New recipes, new products, improvement of existing products. We are constantly looking for a way to increase the distinctiveness of our customers.

It is all about giving and sharing. We want to share our knowledge and rich experience with our relations. Our philosophy; sharing means multiplying. A famous quote from Confucius is; Tell Me and I Will Forget, Show Me and I May Remember, Involve Me and I Will Understand. This is exactly why we involve our partners as much as we can, we believe that we can create more and achieve the most possible by this fresh way of thinking.